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Evi Nemeth update: stay optimistic

Evi Nemeth's son is still optimistic and so am I.

Here's what I glean from this report on 3NewsNZ:

  • The last txt message from Evi wasn't the last txt message. Another txt was sent but not received.
  • The phone company was able to reveal the last txt and its geolocation.
  • The last txt was from Danielle and said "Sails Shredded last night, now bare polies, going 4 knot 310 degrees will update course info at 6pm."
  • Given that info, it should be possible to locate them.
  • However, no update at 6pm tells me we should be prepared for the worst.

Read the full article here from 3NewsNZ

Of course, our thoughts and well-wishes go out to the families and all involved.

Update: This may be the source article the others were written from.

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