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LOPSA-East is less than a week away!

If you haven't signed up for LOPSA-East, it is this coming Friday and Saturday, May 3-4, 2013 in New Brunswick, NJ.

I've finally finished my slides for my "Evil Genius 101" class. I'm very excited about this new class. I hear there are still seats left, but it is filling up fast.

To my NYC friends: you can take the train there. The station is 2 blocks away.

To my Linux friends: the Linux content is most excellent this year.

To my Windows friends: Steven Murawski himself is teaching PowerShell classes. Steven FREAKING Murawski! How can you NOT sign up for this?

To my security friends: The keynote is Marcus Ranum. The guy that wrote the first firewall software and, since then, has gone on to do all sorts of amazing stuff like Network Flight Recorder. You should also come to see his keynote because OMG ITS MARCUS RANUM WHY ELSE DO YOU NEED A REASON?

There's still time to register. You can also register "at the door" either Friday morning, afternoon, or Saturday night.

Don't forget:

Thursday evening: It isn't official but people hang out at the bar. It's fun and you will be recruited to help stuff the conference bags.

Friday evening: If you are only registered for Saturday you can still come to the Friday evening stuff. it starts at 5pm and includes the dinner, keynote and the other sessions that night.

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