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Registration is now open for Cascadia IT Conference 2013!

You do not want to miss this conference!

  • You will learn how to automate the configuration of all your systems when Nathen Harvey teaches you Chef or Garrett Honeycutt teaches you Puppet.
  • You'll stay one step ahead of the game by learning IPv6 from Owen DeLong, the man that teaches IPv6 so well you'll thank him 128 times.
  • The wizard of PowerShell himself, Steven Murawski will teach you how to automate anything in Windows.
  • You'll fix things once and they'll stay fixed after Stuart Kendrick teaches you how to do Root Cause Analysis.
  • You'll learn how to translate "geek" to "manager-speak" and other tips in Navigating the Business World by the internationally recognized experts Nicole Forsgren Velasquez and Carolyn Rowland.
  • Don Crawley will teach you so many secrets of Customer Service that you'll be able to say "no" to users and they'll thank you.
  • Last but not least, David N. Blank-Edelman (who happens to be this year's keynote speaker) will surprise and delight you (and make music play out your printer queue) in his tutorial "Over the Edge System Administration". He'll also help make it easier to try out new technologies in his tutorial "Build A SysAdmin Sandbox".

But most of all: Go to Cascadia because the attendee you meet while waiting on line at lunch has a suggestion on how to fix that thing your boss was complaining about that is so awesome you'll get a promotion. It's called "networking" and I don't mean TCP/IP.

Sign up today! Click on the big, friendly "Register Now" button on the home page.

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