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PICC opening keynote: Bill Cheswick

The PICC committee is excited to announce our opening keynote speaker:

Bill Cheswick, Security guru and co-author of "Firewalls and Internet Security"

Topic: Rethinking Passwords "We've known that passwords have been inadequate for over thirty years and they have only gotten worse. Can we escape the varying 'eye-of-newt' password rules that plague everyone's online lives? Can we get grandma safely to the other side of the authentication street? I will review some of the many research ideas that have been proposed, and offer some suggestions toward getting us out of this thicket."

DINNER will be provided to all attendees on Friday at 6pm; Bill's talk will begin after dinner (8pm).

We're very excited to have Bill speak at PICC. He is a NJ local, a fantastic speaker, and was unavailable the last few years. We finally got him!

Register for PICC here:

   (NOTE: Tutorial seats are running out!  Register NOW!)

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