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See all the "Best Picture" Oscar nominated films in 2 days

I usually don't blog about something that has so little to do with system administration, but in this case I consider it a "time management tip".

Each year AMC theaters run their "Best Picture Showcase". They show all of the "best picture" nominated films in a marathon. They show 4 films on one Saturday and the other 5 on the following Saturday. This year it is Sat, Feb 18 and Sat, Feb 25. You can buy tickets for either or both days. (Some theaters show all 9 in a row on one day.. 23 hours of movies!)

We went last year and it was awesome. We had seen some of them already but it was fun seeing them again. The schedule includes a break between each film and a big break at inner. We went to a theater far enough away that it felt like we were on a mini-vacation.

For all the details go to:

Highly, highly recommended!

(We'll probably go to the one in New Brunswick, New Jersey.)

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