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No, not this. I mean the Usenix LISA conference. It is only 5 weeks away. Have you registered yet?

The first few days are half-day tutorials with industry leaders teaching topics like Puppet, CFEngine (we don't take sides... both get a half day!), Time Management (that's me!), IPv6 (real deployments are happening!), and many many more topics.

The last half of the conference is a mixture of invited speakers, refereed papers, and other good stuff. What I like about the refereed papers this year is that we hit the perfect balance: half are "oh, I can use that right now!" and half are "OMG! Far out!"

The invited speakers are a mixture of hot topics (storage, security, virtualization, interesting new tools) and amazing people.

At night there are "Birds of the Feather" sessions, where YOU choose the topic.

Doug Huges and I are co-chairs this year and we're both proud of the work that the program committee has done. We look forward to seeing you there!

Usenix LISA 2011 is Dec 4-9 in Boston. You can register any time, but you get a discount if you register by Nov 14. I look forward to seeing you there!

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