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You did it! Fundraising goal met! ($4500+ raised!)

Thanks to everyone that participated in the fundraising for Lyon-Martin Health Services (LM). We exceeded the goal of raising $1000 from readers of this blog. I received email from Dr. Harbatkin calling this effort "Amazing!"

Blog readers have donated $1365. I matched the first $1000. Since we made the goal before Thursday, I donated an additional $500 as promised. That's a total of $2865!

Wait... there's more!

Many of the people that donated work for employers with a "gift match" program, which doubles their donations. If my math is right, this will increase the total to more than $4500!

Dr. Harbatkin asked me to remind people that there is a "Save Lyon-Martin" page on Facebook, fundraisers and other events on listed on, and to check out their web site for periodic announcements.

I'm really proud of the readers of this blog for participating. It is fantastic what we can do when we all chip in a little. This is yet another reason I am so proud to be involved in the system administration community.

Hopefully this and other fundraisers will enable Lyon-Martin to reorganize and keep their doors open.

Thanks again!


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