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Tom's 2010 In Review: Speaking And Publishing


  • Feb: BayLISA (usergroup in california) Part 1: Time Management, Part 2: Ganeti
  • Feb: MacWorld (tutorial on Time Management)
  • May: PICC (keynote, 2 tutorials, and a talk)
  • Aug: SAGE-AU (keynote, 3 tutorials)
  • Oct: Usenix LISA (2 tutorials, 1 invited talk, 1 "guru" session)

While I repeat a lot of my material, there were two very original things this year that I'm proud of. (1) The 'Datastructures from the Future' talk at LISA (which you can see slides and video online. (2) my new "time management for teams" half-day tutorial; I put a lot lot lot of effort into this. It is mostly material that has never appeared before in my books, blogs, or articles. I'm glad I was able to premier it at Usenix LISA and hope to repeat it at LOPSA PICC in 2011.


  • December: ACM Queue magazine: "A Plea to Software Vendors from Sysadmins -- 10 Do's and Don'ts"
  • November: "Open Letter to people teaching system administration" (will be reprinted in MacTech magazine soon)
  • October: "A System Administration Parable: The Waitress and the Water Glass"


How many blogposts did I write? A lot!

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
11 10 16 5 5 11 11 18 22 32 8 12

According to Google Analytics, the most visitors I got were when I wrote the "Your Computer Room Will Overhead This Weekend" article, which I post every other year, but this time covered it and that drew a lot of attention. I get about 2,000 vists on weeks that I am consistent about posting new articles and I got 6,500 visits when that article got mentioned.

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