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Episode 10: Why I'm excited about Usenix LISA: Cloud Computing

So is Cloud Computing bullshit or what? You can't get a real answer from vendors because they are biased: they sell cloud-related products and will only tell you it is great, or they don't sell cloud-related products and tell you it's crap.

The truth is that specific situations are perfect for cloud computing and others it just doesn't make sense.

What makes things worse is that the "list of specific situations" was different last year, is different this year, and will be different next year.

So how can you find out the truth?

The best way to find out the reality vs. hype of any trend or product is to network with people at LISA. Chances are you'll meet people that have tried products you haven't gotten around to and you will benefit from their experience. And you can share what you've learned too.

What do I think? I think "cloud computing" is a new name for something people at LISA have been doing for decades. The reason it sounds so odd is that most Unix/Linux people have been doing this kind of thing for so long, we didn't realize that the other 95% of the world hasn't. We have a great opportunity to help others by sharing our experience in this area, and a great responsibility to do so with honesty and integrity.

{ Usenix LISA is in San Jose, CA from November 7-12, 2010. Register now! }

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