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To prevent any rumors...

A bunch of people noticed that my article about what system administration is like at Google appeared briefly earlier this week and then the URL went dead soon after.

Before any crazy rumors spring up...

I clicked "save" when I meant to click "schedule for a future date". Sadly it got into the RSS feed before I could do anything about it. Web apps have no CTRL-C!

I tend to schedule my major posts for 10am US/Eastern on Monday and Wednesday and sometimes Friday. Tiny snippets and comments get fit in between.

For example... this article is timed to appear today about 15 minutes after 10am.

(Note: I had to change the URL to force it to enter the RSS feed. Sorry about the broken links!)

P.S. I just found a setting so my blog software will default my posts to "Scheduled" instead of "Published". That should prevent future problems.

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