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Ohio Linux Fest: you don't have to be from Ohio!

What surprised me when I attended Ohio Linux Fest was that it is a national conference; it draws people from all over.

One of the little-known gems at OLF is their training sessions called "OLF University." It is excellent training that is at a very nice price. Considering the high-caliber trainers that they've recruited, I think (and I've told OLFU coordinators) that training like this should be priced 2x or 3x higher. The productivity boost from just one class will pay for itself in a month or two. I recommend people sign up before the organizers start listening to me.

Beth Lynn Eicher wrote a great article about OLF and the training. Check it out.

If you aren't going to OLF University, but are going to OLF, be sure to stop by the LOPSA table!

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