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Configuration Management Summit, Boston, June 24, 2010

(Reposting this announcement from Dan)

Fellow SysAds etc.-

First, I'd like to make sure you are all aware of the Configuration Management Summit next week in Boston on June 24 (details are at The first Configuration Management Summit aims to bring together developers, power users, and new adopters of open source configuration management tools for automating system administration. Configuration management is a growth area in the IT industry, and open source solutions, with cost savings and an active user community, are presenting a serious challenge to today's "big vendor" products. Representatives from Bcfg2, Cfengine, Chef, and Puppet will all be participating in the summit - this will be a valuable opportunity if you have been contemplating a configuration management solution for your systems.

There is also a special one-day training on Cfengine being taught by Mark Burgess on June 25 (details are at This class might be a review session for anyone on this mailing list, but it will also offer useful insights for people who are not new to Cfengine. Additionally, If you have colleagues who need to come up to speed on Cfengine quickly, this class will be an excellent opportunity for them to learn Cfengine directly from the author.

If you are interested in either event, you can register at (and if you have questions, you can email me directly). I hope to see you in Boston!

Daniel Klein
Education Director

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