LOPSA PICC: Complete program announced

(Registration price goes up $75 on Monday night.  Sign up now!)

What is LOPSA PICC?  http://picconf.org
    Presentations, education, and fun.
    IT and syadmin (Linux/Unix, Windows, Networking & storage).
    2 days, 1 night, conference.
    Low price/high value.  Community-based, non-profit.
    May 7-8, 2010 @ Hyatt Regency New Brunswick, New Jersey.

David Blank-Edelman, "How SysAdmins Are Portrayed in Pop
Thomas A. Limoncelli, "Smooth Operations: Stopping the
    spiral of Emergency System Administration"
Eben Haber, IBM, "System Administrators in the Wild: What
    we've learned from watching you!"

* "Automating System Administration with Perl",
    David N. Blank-Edelman
* "Essential IPv6 for Linux Administrators",
    Owen DeLong
* "Help! Everyone hates our IT department",
    Thomas A. Limoncelli
* "IT Policies: Why IT Policies are needed and how to develop them",
    David Parter
* "In Search of "Senior"",
    Brian Jones
* "Intro to Powershell: Automate like a Wizard",
    Joseph Kern
* "Introduction to Virtualized Storage Management",
    Jesse Trucks
* "Next Generation Storage Networking: Beyond Conventional SAN and NAS",
    Jacob Farmer
* "Time Management for System Administrators: A New Approach",
    Thomas A. Limoncelli
* "What's New in IIS 7.0/7.5?",
    Steve Heckler

* An overview of Google's technologies: GFS, MapReduce, etc.
Budgeting for System Administrators 
Drupal On-Demand
High Performance Computing across the WAN at NOAA
* How to stop hating MySQL: Fixing common MySQL myths
    and mistakes
Job-Hunting Skills for System Administrators 
* Keeping Nagios Sane
Mentoring: It's for everyone!
* Panel: Tech Women Rule! Creative Solutions for being
    a (or working with a) female technologist
* Technical Community Response for the Haitian Earthquake
* Using Hierarchical Protection Domains for Network Security

* 12 timeslots where YOU pick the topic! ("unconference")

PLUS all attendees receive:
* a 12-month LOPSA membership/renewal
* a licence for Admin Arsenal (a $1000 value)
* the awesome conference bag 

Friday night banquet and movie festival!
* All meals!  (Friday lunch only for people attending training classes)

$249 without half-day tutorials (all meals except Friday lunch)
$475 with half-day tutorials and all meals ($399 until March 22!  Register now!)

Where else can you find a regional conference with national speakers,
hot topics that will help you advance your career, all meals included,
and not have to travel 3,000 miles to get there?

Find out more and register:

Twitter: @picconf

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