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I have a pretty bad memory, which is why I write it down if I need to remember it. In TM4SA I remind people to write things down in practically every chapter.

Alternatively I have tried to improve my memory. Having improved memory helps all aspects of life. It turns out that memory is like a muscle: exercise it and it gets stronger, don't use it and it gets weaker. The techniques I learned help me in many little ways.

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I've mentioned the Professional IT Community Conference (PICC) before, but now the fun has really started.

Registration is open and the speakers have been announced!

The cost is low, and the benefits are huge. I know from Google Analytics that this site receives hits from over 500 unique users in the region of this conference, every month. We don't have that kind of space at the conference. It's going to sell out at some point, so make sure that you talk to your boss now about attending. We've even drafted a letter to help convince them that it's worth your time and their money.

It isn't often that you get a local conference with internationally known speakers like David Blank-Edelman (O'Reilly's "Automating System Administration with Perl") as well as Eben M Haber from the IBM research lab in Almaden, CA! This conference is going to get you the biggest bang for your buck out there.

(Oh, and I'll be speaking too. I've reworked 2 of my half-day tutorials ("Time Management" and "Help! Everyone hates our IT department!") plus, I've been asked to give the Saturday morning keynote, which I'll be using to premiere material from my yet-unannounced new book! But the book is a secret still, so hush!)

What I'd like you to do is to help me get the word out. Please. Not everyone reading this is in the NJ/NY/PA/CT/DE/RI/MA area. For those of you who aren't, please tell other people. Follow us on twitter at @picconf, email the site ( to anyone you know in the area who might be interested, tell user groups about it, heck, we've even got a facebook page that you can become a fan of.

This is absolutely a grass-roots kind of effort. We have a very small advertising budget, so I want to use that as intelligently as possible. That means getting your help for the initial waves, and to spread it by word of mouth, by email, link, tweet, IM, and whatever else you've got.

A very big thank you to every one of you out there who reads this blog and supports me. I appreciate all of you.

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I've ordered an Eye-Fi card so my camera can geotag and download pics without a cable: Full line of products or via Picasa Get it "free" with a Picasa paid storage account.

Your camera thinks it is a 2G memory card. However, it has a WiFi thingie built in and your Mac or PC sees it as a computer it can download pictures from. The advanced cards have an "infiniite memory" mode where it is always downloading to your computer, freeing up space for more pictures.

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Psst... I'm working on a new site. I'm taking all my time management videos, chopping them into bite-sized, topic-specific, stories, and putting them on a new web site. I only have a few videos up so far, but I'd like to start getting feedback (we have 40+ videos on their way).  What do you think?

Check it out: (If that doesn't work, try

Thanks to Pam Howell for being camera person, editor, and uploader, and muse for this project!

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Come one! Come all! Training schedule and speakers are now listed on the web site. Oh, and most importantly... registration!

I have a lot more to write about this but that will come soon. For now, check out the site!

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"It's open season on enterprise IT evolutionary throwbacks!"

BigFix is having a contest. They're asking system administrators to submit a video of themselves explaining an "IT Dinosaur" that you've experienced. That is, "technologies that have outlived their extinct-by dates--not the companies you work for".

I've been invited to be an official judge for this conference so you better make sure your video is good!

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I'm in the middle of writing proposals for Invited Talks and Tutorials at Usenix LISA 2010 and I thought I'd throw this question out to the readers of this blog:

What would you like to hear me talk about?

I speak at LISA a lot. I talk about Time Management, tips for running an IT department, and a few other things. But what would you LIKE to hear me teach or talk about?

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I'll be teaching during the PG: Mac IT Boot Camp 2-day session.

The session will include fundamentals of administration including basic networking (ever wonder what TCP and UDP are?) as well as time management and customer management tricks. The session will be team-taught by 4 people and lasts 2 days.

Register with the priority code "tlimoncelli" by January 8 and receive a 15% discount! (See advert on left-panel)

Do you work in New Jersey? Let your "IT guy/gal" know how much you appreciate them this Valentines day!

Send this to them, or better yet, open a ticket at your helpdesk with this text!

(And if you really like them, CC: their boss!)

8< ---------- cut here ---------- >8

Happy Valentines Day to my favorite computer system administrator:

You only hear from me
when my computer is blue.
So this Valentine's Day
I'm saying "Thank you!"

I admit my computer problems,
like it's a reality-show confessional.
But you hide your frown,
and act very professional.

I think that you're great!
I know I'm a pest!
But I bring my troubles to you,
because you're the best!

Some roses are red,
some roses are pink.
No candy this year,
but my card's at this link:

Thank you for everything you do! Happy Valentine's Day!


(your name here)

8< ---------- cut here ---------- >8

(Please pass this on to all your friends in New Jersey!)

This campaign is brought to you by and LOPSA-NJ (

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New Jersey (and nearby) sysadmins, network engineers, DBAs, and anyone that considers themselves part of the "IT industry" should check out the LOPSA New Jersey Professional IT Community Conference.

The conference will be Fri/Sat, May 7-8, 2010 in sunny New Brunswick, NJ. I'll be speaking both days.

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