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Tom @ LISA '09, Nov 1-6, 2009, Baltimore, MD

Tom will be very busy at LISA 2009 both teaching and hosting various events:
  • Half-day Tutorial: "Time Management for System Administrators: A New Approach"
  • Half-day Tutorial: "Design Patterns for System Administrators"
  • Guru Session: Job Hunting (with Andy Lester from, author of the new book Land The Tech Job You Love
  • BoFs: I'll be hosting 3 BoFs. A 2-hour BoF on "Time Management", a BoF for the open-source project called Ganeti. And I'll be MC of this year's LGBT and Allies BoF.
  • I'll be at the Google Vendor BoF on Thursday night to answer questions about what it is like to work at Google.
  • Book signing: I hope to arrange a Book Signing during the vendor show.
With all that happening, I've also set a goal for myself to read all the papers before the conference. I promise myself that I'll do this every year, but this time I'm actually setting aside time to do the reading. Let's see how that goes. LISA is rarely in the Washington D.C. area. This gives locals an opportunity to attend LISA without having to pay for travel (I'll be taking Amtrak!). Hopefully this means there will be a lot of new faces. Hope to see you there! Registration is open.

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