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NJ and VA: Remember to vote!

A message to the US readers of this blog.

This year's Usenix LISA conference conflicts with election day. I want to encourage everyone attending to vote absentee, unless of course, you can be home to vote on Tuesday.

There are no federal contests this year. Thus, the conflict does not affect most people. Of course, there are many local contests, and voting in those is very important. However, two states elect governors "out of cycle" with the rest of the nation. Both New Jersey and Virginia's governor races are neck-and-neck. Your vote is very important.

Both states permit registered votes to vote "absentee" (i.e. by mail) if you will be out of state that day. Actually, they permit you to vote absentee for just about any reason. Here are the forms you need:

Applications must be sent by postal mail. Deadlines are soon. Act today!

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