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April Fools day is coming!

A few years ago Peter Salus and I set out to publish all the April Fools RFCs in one book, and include essays by famous internet innovators to tell their stories.  We achieved our goal a few years ago and you can read them all in The Complete April Fools' Day RFCs. (You can read the RFCs, without the fun essays, on our web site  The essays are written by early Internet innovators such as Brad Templeton (founder of rec.humor.funny), Mike O'Dell (founder of UUNet, the first commercial ISP), and Scott Bradner (of IETF and other organizations).

Each month The Internet Society publishes standard documents that detail how the internet works.  Each April some fake ones come through, usually with hilarious results.  Wondering how to do TCP/IP over a network of carrier pidgeons?  Yup, published on April 1st.

Most of these documents (called "RFCs") are serious.  Wondering how PING works?  Read RFC 792.   Wondering how "telnet" works?  Read RFC 854.  Wondering how HTTP works? Well, that started with RFC 1945 and has been updated many times.   On April Fools day, however, we've learned how to debug your network with a rubber chicken and how to solve the Y10K problem.

The book makes a perfect gift for the geek that has everything.  Having this book at the office is the perfect way to show your geekitude.  As the back cover says, "When the network is down, this book won't help you at all!"

The book has received excellent reviews from BoingBoing, Groklaw, ZTrek
and the widely read blog.  Famous open source guy Eric S. Raymond says, "It's been written that April Fool's is the high holy day of hackerdom; if so, these are its sacred texts."

The book is available on and other fine book stores.

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