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Someone recently asked me if TM4SA is good for people with ADD/ADHD or "just normal people"?

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Tom will be in Zurich and Dublin to speak at internal corporate events Jan 20-Feb 3, 2007. He's available to speak at user groups or book signings. Contact me.

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I just came across Douglas Chick's book, "What All Network Administrators Know". I immediately rushed to add it to our web page of recommended titles (scroll to the bottom).

One of the problems with TPOSANA is that it really focuses on big sites. This book is perfect for sysadmins that are just getting started or are at a small site. It is down to earth, very practical, and contains tons of excellent advice. (If you want proof, preview it on Amazon by clicking on the "random page" button.)

Time management diets?

A diet for TV watching? For email lists? For meetings?

One of the most common "New Years Resolutions" is to go on a diet. If you aren't sure, pay attention to the TV commercials last night... most were for products related to losing weight, getting into shape and giving up smoking. (The rest are champagne commercials which, I guess, are optimistic that you will remember their brand 11.5 months from now when you are preparing for next year's party.)

From a time management perspective, there are three diets I recommend: A TV diet, and a mailing list diet, and a meeting diet.

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