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An idea for the sequel to "Office Space"

Office Space is a "must see" movie for any IT worker. It's one of my favorite films.

I doubt anyone is working on a sequel, but if they are, they can use my suggestion for free:

After the events of the last movie, he finds himself in the position of being screwed over by a company with really bad customer service. How does he get revenge? He gets hired into the biggest make-or-break project at the company and screws it up. Though some comical device he finds himself in charge of the project and begins a campaign of telling management they're on or ahead of schedule, meanwhile letting his team do no work. They spend a lot of time making impressive demos but no real project work gets completed. In the big finale, he reveals that it's all been a hoax at the big press conference set up to make the big announcement. The company goes out of business. Justice is served.

What do you think?

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