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BayLISA: Aug 19, 2004

Tom will be speaking at BayLISA at the Apple campus in Cupertino on Thursday, Aug 19 at 7:30pm:

"Where the hell is my flying car?"
It's 2004 and we still don't have moving side-walks or flying cars, and computers aren't nearly as cool as they were on The Jetsons. Tom has visited many sites in the last few years and observed a lot of really bad IT practices. He will discuss what he saw and some recent epiphanies he's had about "best practices" in system administration. The second half of the talk will be about his current project to update a small company's IT infrastructure. It has forced him to rethink what constitutes the "basic infrastructure" of an IT organization, and how big companies are held back when they forget the basics.
He's also working on a new book about time management for sysadmins, and will be treating us to some excerpts!
The presentation is free and open to the public.

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