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Apple OS X Server: Ready for Prime Time?

I really like Apple OS X. I really, really, really like it. It's what Unix people have been begging for for years: Full BSD unix with a kick-butt GUI. The email reader alone is reason to switch. I'm a recent convert to the Mac world and now I'm converting my entire 8.5B company to be running on Macs.

However, OS X Server doesn't seem to be ready for prime time. There's so much great stuff (Admin Tool) but once you start using it for real-word situations it seems to be, well, incomplete. OpenDirectory is buggy, the open-source tools they provide are based on old versions of code (Cyrus, postfix, Apache, OpenLDAP, others) with tons of known bugs. I'm very happy with my Xserve G4s and G5s, but now that I've put them in a co-lo, I see all these little annoyances that make me long for a Dell 1440 1U server running FreeBSD.

Can anyone help this author get in touch with product management for OS X Server? I'd love to pick their brains and get an understanding about the product's future. (And, yes, I've read everything about Tiger and have the preview releases).

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Posted by Tom Limoncelli

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