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"The Internet Is Too Secure Already"

Eric Rescorla has made his slides available from his excellent talk from USENIX Security last year titled "The Internet is Too Secure Already". The slides are here:

Your homework, is to tattoo this presentation on the inside eyelids of every security researcher in the planet so they are forced to read it, and keep re-reading it.

But before that, take the time to register for some of the fine Usenix conferences: their Annual Technical Conference (mostly operating system and "advanced computing" topics), security (real security research, not "how to install a firewall"), and System Administration (mostly Unix and internet technologies). These are some of the best conferences around. (If registration isn't open yet, at least mark your calendar.)

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The Internet is Secure from andyspace journal on May 6, 2004 4:31 AM

There's a link from "Everything Sysadmin": to a PDF that makes the point (if I understand the slides correctly) that we already have enough security on the 'net. What lets everyone down is that the methods of impleme... Read More

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