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Config Management? yeah, we got that.

Looking at the Usenix LISA 2011 conference program I'm proud that we have the three major configuration management systems covered: CFEngine3, Chef and Puppet:

Full-day classes:

  • "Puppet" with Nan Liu
  • "Configuration Management Solutions with CFEngine 3" with Mark Burgess

Invited Talks:

  • "3 Myths and 3 Challenges to Bring System Administration out of the Dark Ages" with Mark Burgess (CFEngine Inc)
  • "Building IronMan, Not Programming" with Luke Kanies, Founder, Puppet and Puppet Labs
  • "Converting the Ad-Hoc Configuration of a Heterogeneous Environment to a CFM, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chef" with Dimitri Aivaliotis
  • "Choose Your Own Adventure" with Adam Jacob

Experience Reports:

  • "Getting to Elastic: Adapting a Legacy Vertical Application Environment for Scalability" with Eric Shamow (Puppet Labs)

The Guru is In: (Q&A sessions)

  • "Chef" with Aaron Peterson

Refereed Papers:

  • Fine-grained Access-control for the Puppet Configuration Language Bart Vanbrabant, Joris Peeraer, and Wouter Joosen, DistriNet, K.U. Leuven

Pretty awesome, eh?

Usenix LISA 2011 is Dec 4-9 in Boston. You can register any time, but you get a discount if you register by Nov 14. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Isn't the Liu Puppet class an all-day training? That's what I signed up for...

@Cuthbert: Good catch! It is a full day. I'll update the post. Thanks!

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